Ethical Charter

Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) and Denmark's national association against eating disorders and self-harm (LMS) began a collaboration in 2007, which resulted in Danish Fashion Ethical Charter. The charter’s purpose is to ensure the well-being of Danish models and to contribute to the creation of relevant and appropriate information about eating disorders and about the ideals the fashion industry is a part of creating.

The charter was extended in 2013 to include more concrete initiatives and recommendations for the industry – including a lower age limit of 16 years for models on the runway during Copenhagen Fashion Week as well as advocacy within the industry that models working during Copenhagen Fashion Week should receive a salary.

In 2014 LMS and DAFI entered a pilot project with Copenhagen Municipality about a free and voluntary health check for Copenhagen’s models.

On 3 March, 2015 DAFI, Dansk Fashion & Textile and WEAR launched in collaboration with the eight largest model agencies, LMS and Model Union Denmark (DAMO) a new Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which with unambiguous rules and sanctions (effective year round) seeks to ensure Danish models better conditions and a healthy body ideal. Only three weeks later, more than 300 companies from the Danish fashion industry had signed the charter. 

See the list of signatories here:

You can download Danish Fashion Ethical Charter below.

If you are a company in or with relation to the fashion industry, you can join the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter by signing the declaration of assent (tiltrædelseserklæring) below.