Eva Kruse

Eva Kruse is president and CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the world’s largest forum on sustainable fashion, under the umbrella of Danish Fashion Institute. 

Eva Kruse is a pioneer in promoting sustainability in fashion and has worked ambitiously to push this agenda globally since 2007. An effort that includes creating Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which was launched in 2009 alongside the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen. In the fall of 2013, Kruse gave a TEDx Talk on the topic “Changing the world through fashion” in which she advocated that not only companies and politicians, but also consumers, should be at the forefront of sustainability efforts.

Since graduating from the entrepreneurial KaosPilot, an alternative business school, Kruse has worked in the worlds of fashion and media in various capacities, including editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Eurowoman and as a TV presenter on the Danish broadcasting networks TV2 and TV3. From 2005-2006 she was the international head of communication for Kopenhagen Fur. Simultaneously, in 2005, she co-founded Danish Fashion Institute, and in 2006 she was named CEO by the board.


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